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Ever heard of Silicone Free beauty products that transform hair? Introducing Belegenza Natural Hair Care. The first and finest silicone and "nasties" free hair products created by a Brother and Sister Team, Alan & Cheryl, in response to the need for products that take hair to the next level without chemicals.

Rather than conventional high-end cover up ingredients, extracts go to work to empower and enrich your unique hair qualities, commanding compliments continuously. Having worked for major brands as educators & suffered allergies to those so-called natural products, Alan & Cheryl began their mission to create answers for awesome hair and hair growth, naturally! The Silicone Free Era was born. Belegenza Natural Hair Care. Now you can see for yourself.


Welcome to Belegenza for extraordinary hair... and hair growth

Free from:

  • salt

  • paba

  • gluten

  • fillers

  • silicones

  • parabens

  • pesticides

  • phthalates

  • mineral oil

  • SD alcohol

  • petrolatum

  • artificial dyes

  • formaldehyde

  • harmful sulfates (sls)

  • methylisothiazolinone

  • … and other damaging ingredients

What our Customers say about us...

“This shampoo left my hair soft even before I put conditioner on, which is very unusual for my hair since it is color-treated and dry. I use many styling products when drying and styling my hair. This shampoo cleaned all the styling products on the first wash, no 2nd wash needed. I would recommend this product!”

-Barb G.

"I'm obsessed with Belegenza! I've been using it for the last few months, and my hair is growing like crazy—plus, it's SO healthy! When I went to my hair appointment, I didn't need a trim. That has never happened since I use a curling wand twice a week. I'm so happy! Each product is so amazing. Usually, a product line has one great product and a few okay products, but not Belegenza! Each Belegenza product is a super star. Thanks again!"


“I try everything, and I mean everything….Belegenza, though, is ALWAYS in my shower and I return to it [Belegenza] every time and have done so for the past many years! It always works, and I know I can count on it even after I try other stuff!”

-Stevie Wilson, Fashionista

Get Longer, Stronger, and Thicker Hair!

Are you the type of person who loves looking their best? We know we are! If you’re hair is dry, thin, or brittle, it’s time to elevate your haircare. Our luxury products have exclusively been used by celebrities and their stylists—but now, they’re available to you too.

Created by two of the beauty industry’s top hair professionals, Belegenza is made 100% silicone, paraben, and chemical-FREE. With nourishing, quality ingredients, you can transform your hair at home overnight. Crafted precisely for optimal hair health, our customized bundles address all of your hair’s needs. If you’re ready to have the best products money can buy, delivered straight to your door, order today!

Say Goodbye to Nasty Chemicals and Hello to Healthy Hair!

  • Enjoy having healthy, strong, and beautiful hair

  • Trust in top-quality, natural ingredients

  • Shop a variety of products for your individual needs

  • Use premium haircare loved by celebrities and stylists alike

30-day money-back guarantee!

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